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JAN 2013

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Facilities PHOTO © JEFF MILLER/UW-MADISON C AMPUS SPACES Roofs: Maintain, Materials, Performance It's a no-brainer that proper roof maintenance makes good sense. But that doesn't necessarily mean colleges and universities always place sufcient attention on this basic element of facility management. BY MAR K ROW H H OW ARE YOUR ROOFS? "The reality is that some colleges do this well, and some don't," says Jason Wilen, director of technical services for the National Roofing Contractors Association in Rosemont, IL. He notes that in any organization with multiple buildings, there can be a discon- nect between players in what is essentially a two-part process. "When you get a new roof, it's a capital expense, then later on maintaining it is an operational expense," he says. "Some have a seamless connection between the two, but others don't have a fully coordinated effort between capital and maintenance." The nature of everyday maintenance agendas can be a complicating matter. When the initial work of completing a roof project is fi nished, it may seem logical to turn over any follow-up to the maintenance part of the house. Yet maintenance folks face many demands, and may or may not be focused on tasks of taking over JANUARY 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 55

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