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JAN 2013

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P R O D U C T S T H AT W O R K TERSANO INCORPORATED {what's new & noteworthy} lotus PRO Steering Education Into a Greener Future A S A SOCIETY, WE ARE MOVING away from harsh chemical cleaners and are looking at greener, healthier, and more sustainable ways to clean and eliminate germs faster and more effectively. Tersano has designed a unique cleaning solution that provides educational facilities with natural yet powerful results paired with substantial cost savings. Using the lotus PRO technology, ordinary tap water is transformed into aqueous ozone, which works faster and more effectively than a chemical cleaning solution. As a natural all-purpose cleaning • • • • • • and sanitizing agent, lotus PRO works for hours, after which point it converts back into water and oxygen. Not new to the industry, Tersano has introduced this cleaning technology to many universities across the country. Currently, The University of Vermont is using the lotus PRO system and says, "… the results we've seen are nothing short of amazing." In addition, the University of California Riverside stated that lotus PRO is helping the University "…towards its sustainability goal and minimizing our carbon footprint." Environmentally sustainable One time training for staf Works with existing processes & equipment Reduces chemical handling & storage No chemical residue Cost efective Approved. Proven. Powerful. 48 The lotus PRO system is a single solution for all cleaning requirements, eliminating the need for multiple cleaners and toxic chemicals — whether it is used in classrooms, gymnasiums, labs, cafeteria, play equipment, washrooms, common areas, or study halls. With the lotus PRO products, you will get more cleaning for less money. Reducing your operating costs is easy with the lotus PRO system — no need for expensive chemical cleaners all while providing a safe and effective cleaning solution for your school. CPM COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / JANUARY 2013 WWW.PLANNING 4EDUCATION.COM

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