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JAN 2013

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P R O D U C T S T H AT W O R K LRAD CORPORATION {what's new & noteworthy} 360X: ONE VOICE for Campus Emergencies S ECURITY THREATS AND other campus-wide emergencies are increasing. With less than 50 percent of students signing up for automated text alerts, how can campus authorities warn and inform students, staff, and faculty simultaneously when an armed gunman appears or other campus crises occur? Highly Intelligible Voice Broadcasts Minimize Panic and Save Lives Until recently, voice intelligibility was an afterthought for most emergency warning mass notification (EWMN) systems. While most existing EWMN systems warn students of emergency events through loud sirens, they don't provide specific information on the emergency or clear direction from campus authorities. In emergency situations, panic-fueled actions are often worse than the event. By combining sirens with highly intelligible, campus-wide multilanguage voice broadcasts, panic can be minimized through communicating the nature of the crisis and providing potentially life-saving instructions. 360X Fills EWMN Communications Gap The 360X is a new self-contained, self-powered communication system that broadcasts alarm sirens and highly intelligible live or pre-recorded messages in a 360-degree pattern over distances up to 2 mi. that can be heard and understood over wind and crowd noise, and inside buildings and vehicles. The 360X supplants siren-only installations and supplements reverse 911 calls, text messages, and other EWMN measures to ensure all students, staff, and faculty hear instructions simultaneously from campus authorities during emergencies including severe weather events, armed gunman and bomb threats, SWAT operations, building lockdowns, CBRN incidents, and other crisis situations. To schedule an on-campus demonstration, please contact LRAD Corporation: 858/676-1112 or CPM JANUARY 2013 / COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT 47

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