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JAN 2013

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P R O D U C T S T H AT W O R K ROPPE CORP. {what's new & noteworthy} Recycling Program Continues to See Growth R OPPE CORPORATION PROUDLY introduced IMPACT, their rubber products recycling program, in the spring of 2010. As a leader of product innovation, quality, and color options in the commercial flooring products industry, Roppe has done extensive research to put together a rubber products recycling program that meets the strictest requirements for sustainability. Roppe's rubber flooring products can be found in many of our oldest schools and universities, churches, hotels, healthcare facilities, office buildings, and more across the nation. At the point that the facility decides to renovate the space and replace rubber products, it can easily be recycled within the Roppe's IMPACT Recycling program that encourages building professionals to Rethink + Reuse + Recycle = Responsibility. "This program was developed to encourage the use of rubber flooring products among designers who have not considered rubber in the past due to the environmental concerns at the end of the products life cycle," says Dee Dee Brickner, marketing coordinator for Roppe Corporation. Products are gathered at the jobsite and palletized for return to our recycling partner, who is a leader in recycling non-tire rubber products in the Midwest, and are made into many different products. The IMPACT program was initially developed to recycle Roppe's rubber flooring products, but we do offer the ability to test competitive products, and if they are 100 percent rubber, we can also take those within the guidelines of the program. Brickner also adds, "Many of our contractor partners have expressed that the process will ultimately end up being cost-neutral when 26 considering the cost to landfi ll the products versus shipping them to our recycling partner. They also stated that much like the recycling pioneers in the carpet industry, Roppe's rubber recycling process on the jobsite will eventually become a standard practice among contractors. We are the first to implement a program of this sort for installed rubber products and samples in the field and we are excited to see how it will be received." COLLEGE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / JANUARY 2013 To help ensure the success of the program, many of Roppe's distributor partners across the United States and Canada have developed additional benefits to the program. Some of our distributor partners will pay the freight for the customer to encourage their participation in the program, while others will take back the waste from the jobsite and hold it in their warehouse until they have enough recycling to make a full load, and then send it back together, which offers a better rate on the freight. Those that are accumulating the projects are careful to continue to document the weights and numbers of containers per project prior to the return so we still have an accurate account by project. That is important because certificates are provided for all of the projects as a way of thanking contractors and building owners for their participation. The most popular products right now are municipal landscaping mulches, playground surfacing, and rubber crumb for athletic fields and other applications. Due to the colorful palette of our line of material, the popularity of this mulch has seen immense growth as well. The rubber is untreated or the natural color that is produced and is randomly mixed in the shredding process. The result of this partnership is that potentially thousands of pounds of jobsite waste can be diverted each year and repurposed into cost-effective products that simultaneously promote the environment while providing beautiful, durable landscaping alternatives or eye-catching playground surfaces that are the cleanest and safest on the American market. Since the program's inception in 2010, we have diverted in excess of 7,000 tons of rubber flooring waste from landfi lls! CPM WWW.PLANNING 4EDUCATION.COM

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